Hello. I'm Jordan.

I set up this secret little store because the 72% water tshirt that gained some kind of popularity (or as I like to say "lovin" without the g) on the internet got drafted into a larger project, and I wanted to provide a place for friends/followers/lovers (haha) to "get in first".

This webstore is giving you the first chance to buy the shirt before the rest of the world finds out about it.


SOLD OUT! I guess this worked well, we sold out on preorders so you guys actually got to buy every shirt before it was released. Yay. Most of the orders have now been shipped as of early April, and by the time you are reading this all of them will have been. If you have any problems use the contact page.

Take pictures in your shirt and send it them over to me too!

Love Jordan X


Use the contact form (button on the right) and I'll help you out with anything that you need - as long as it is to do with the tshirts... I'll probably give you relationship advice too if you want but I'm not saying it will be good advice.